The KwaZulu-Natal Inland Cricket Union aspires to achieve the following, vision, mission and value statement.


KZN Inland to lead through cricketing excellence.


To create positive life memories by providing the best possible cricketing experience for all people in the region through sound structures that encourages:

  • Personal pride and ownership
  • Developing world-class cricketers
  • Promoting the enjoyment of the game
  • Providing top-class of facilities and amenities
  • A winning culture
  • Unity and support
  • Sense of community and humanity


We value our employees and treat them fairly

We comply with all financial regulations and governance of the CSA and other regulatory bodies

We appreciate our sponsors, and support and promote their brands by being the best ambassadors possible

We share a cordial relationship with the public and engage the community on pertinent issues

We are committed to support disadvantaged communities in various ways

We realise the importance of unity between all cricketing entities and ourselves, and strive to make the ties as strong as possible

We continuously engage government to promote cricket and sport in general


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