Lynwood makes kit donation possible

Lynwood Club rises to the challenge

Members of the Lynwood Club and their friends responded magnificently to an appeal for cricket kit for a 16-year old scholar who lost both his parents.
The appeal was the brain child of Clive Wills whose firm, Lowe & Wills Attorneys, wound up an estate of a family.
Wills said both parents had succumbed to cancer.
“Andrew, who is only 16, has now lost both his parents to cancer. His mother who worked for us, died some years ago and, at the same time, his father was also diagnosed and, after a brave battle, passed away in November,” Wills said.
Very little money has been left in a trust for Andrew that the firm is administering, he said.
“We’re having to use the capital to sustain Andrew, and we do not anticipate the money lasting for his school career but intend doing whatever we can to make sure he finishes his matric,” he said.
Andrew has been identified as a talented cricketer and has been drafted into the first team cricket squad. There was however, no money for a cricket kit, prompting Lowe to launch an appeal.
The response to the appeal, in Wills’ words, has been amazing. “Club members have donated kit and cash – we have had feedback from learners at other schools, who also want to help,” he said.

Daryl Scott of Teamplay Trading donated a complete Shosholoza kit, while Gunn & Moore, through Jackson’s Sports, also extended an offer of sponsorship.

“We’re happy to report that Andrew’s kit needs have been fulfilled,” he said, adding that the appeal revealed a desperate need for kit at Carter High School.
“We ask that if you have secondhand kit you are willing to donate, please bring it to Lynwood or our offices at 307 Pietermaritz Street – entrance in Drummond Street – as we would like to pass it on to the school,” he said.

Wills said all cash donations will be used for food parcels or vouchers to assist the family looking after Andrew.

For more information, contact Wills on


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